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  • Learn to sing better and have more fun doing it with Singing Lessons in San Diego from Vocal Coach, Singing Lesson Expert. Workshops, private & group voice lessons
  • The Singing Lesson Expert will help you focus on the kind of lessons that will benefit your unique voice and the kind of music you want to sing
  • Aspiring singers who want the ultimate in one-on-one, personal and private voice lessons can get everything they need from the Singing Lesson Expert
  • Learn the T'ai Chi of performance movement by focusing on the Performance Coaching segment of the Singing Lesson Expert
  • A Voice Workshop with the Singing Lesson Expert will be the best half day learning about singing you have ever spent. Your voice will thank you for it.
  • Group Voice Lessons give singers the best mix of some personal instruction, seeing how others are progressing, and experiencing a community of singers
  • If your highest desire is to be a recording artist, the Singing Lesson Expert is not only a master teacher, but is herself a recording artist and can show you each step along the way
  • When you know how to select the best song for your voice, you rise above all the other singers. Make your Song Selection count as you build your song repetoire with the Singing Lesson Expert
  • Improve your speaking skills with Singing Lesson Experts new 5 part speaking system
  • Sometimes private voice lessons can be a little bit intimidating. Having a master vocal coach teach you the ultimate singing techniques in a relaxed, fun, group environment can be just the answer you're looking for.
  • Resource guide for articles from the Singing Blog designed to be helpful to students of voice and singing.
  • An in depth discussion of singing lessons and the students who take them, including practice, motivation, attitudes, and conquering fear
  • Great artists don't give a rubber stamp, duplicate expression of a song when they cover it. They bring their personality and power of interpretation to the recording.
  • The biggest enemy to your dream of singing is not any limitation in your physiology, but how you hold your beliefs and dwell on them in your mind during your self-talk.
  • For vocalists, performing a song is all about interpretation. Learn how adding acting skills to your toolbox will make you a better singer.
  • Since the instrument that singers play is their own bodies, this article deals with increasing conscious awareness of those things in your body that contribute to good singing.
  • Discover the three main elements that must be included in your singing lessons for you to get the maximum benefit from studying voice.
  • The skills and control required for lead singing compared to background singing are vastly different. Be certain that you are working to master all the different techniques.
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  • Dispelling the myth that singers are born and not made, we share the many ways that singing lessons can help you to sing better and have more fun.
  • Learn why buying voice lessons directly from your voice teacher is far better than using a music lesson marketing company or teacher finding service.
  • The Singing Lesson Expert, Rebeca Randle, teaches in North County San Diego and is a master technical voice trainer and performance coach.
  • Contact the Singing Lesson Expert for everything that has to do with your voice. Singing, voice overs, public speaking, and acting are all a part of our curriculum.
  • The measure of a teacher's greatness is the things students and colleagues say about them. Read what they say about the Singing Lesson Expert, Rebeca Randle.
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