Speaker Coaching 

If You Are A Speaker Or Want To Be  A Speaker And You’re Struggling With Vocal Tiredness Or Hoarseness, Lack Of Projection And Volume, Or Stage Command, There Is A New 5 Part Speaking System That Will Help Turn You Into The Most Dynamic Speaker You Can Be

Speaking Coach

 Improve Your Speaking Skills

What You'll Learn:


Support and energize your voice. Gain power and projection. Learn diaphragmatic breathing, plus an advanced system for activating the intercostals (rib cage muscles)


    Muscular Control

Keep self-defeating muscles from overriding your vocal production. Master control of muscles surrounding your larynx (voice box) so that your voice stays relaxed


    Produce sound without pushing

Using proper vocal technique so that you stay away from injurious pushing and thus avoid voice fatigue and hoarseness



Speak with your voice placed higher in your throat, between your hard and soft palette, to achieve maximum resonance and a more pleasing voice, and to avoid the voice resting heavy on the larynx and sounding scratchy


    Remove breathiness from your speaking tone

A vocal tone with excessive air in it (sounding breathy) keeps the vocal folds from approximating together properly, leading to them becoming inflamed or damaged and sounding hoarse or scratchy. We use speech pathology exercises to correct a lifetime of bad speaking habits, and help to develop rich overtones in the voice. A voice without breathiness has better projection and volume and commands respect and attention, giving authority to the speaker


    Master the sub-text of your message

Be in command of the emotions and deeper meaning of your content by being fully connected to what you are saying so that your message is more clearly and completely communicated. Powerful presentation exercises and techniques, only known by the elite speaker coaches of world-class speakers, will help make you a charismatic, dynamic speaker whose message is eagerly received


    Script revisions

Avoid awkward, difficult to speak phrases. Keep your script conversational and engaging. Use a measure of humor and write a script that you sound interested in when you deliver it.


    Find your Ideal Customer Avatar

Learn how to not only know who your ideal customer is, but target your message to them in the most effective way. Speaking directly to that targeted individual makes your message more compelling to your audience



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