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In what feels like the ancient past of the music recording industry, record labels did what they called artist development. Labels like Motown had virtual schools to train their artists in stage presence, body movement, lyric interpretation, recording practices, how to structure a live show, how to talk to the audience, and many other elements their artists needed to know to be effective entertainers and recording artists. Today that practice has vanished. The record labels expect artists that they sign to already be accomplished in those areas, so the pressure is squarely on you the artist. It's your job to be ready, to be fully prepared. The record label is not going to do anything to help you and will quickly drop you the second they see that you're not ready for prime time. Even worse, most second and third tier artists never get signed to a record label and are Indie or independent artists, and as such must be vigilant that they are prepared for everything.

The Singing Lesson Expert has you covered. We offer entire segments on Performance Coaching and Artist Development. Why would the two segments be separate? Because there are definitely times when a student needs the Performance Coaching, but not necessarily the Artist Development, like when they are performing in High School, College, or Community Theatre Musicals. Or maybe as the soloist in the church choir. So Performance Coaching can be an a la carte item.

Performance Coaching & Artist Development

Singing Lesson Expert Artist DevelopmentBut for singers who know they want to be a star, full Performance Coaching AND Artist Development are absolutely critical. Artists need to know so much these days that doesn't even have to do with singing, like managing their image. They either have to do it themselves or know enough to hire someone to do their press releases, Facebook Page, Twitter account, YouTube videos, Reverbnation, and countless other image related Web 2.0 properties. They need to know how to create and powerfully project the persona that is that image. When they do sing, they need to carry the kind of energy that completely takes over the stage, even when they're singing softly. They need to so totally know themselves, that they know how to connect with every word they sing. So much of how an artist feels about the song comes through their eyes and their subtle facial expressions. They need to be masters of their body, moving fluidly and naturally, appropriate to the style of music they're performing and the type of character or persona they are projecting. That stage is your house, you need to own it. It's no place for the shy or timid. Confidence is able to be witnessed by everyone, and you need to have it overflowing.

Luckily for you, the Singing Lesson Expert is a master at all of this. She is a gifted performer, actress, songwriter, studio vocalist, and even better, knows how to communicate all the elements to you that you need to be the same. The first step for you is to recognize that singing isn't just sounding good, it's being a whirlwind stage performer. If you want to be in your favorite artists shoes, you're going to have to know what they know, and probably even more.

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