Singing Lessons Are The Surest Way To Learn To Sing Better

"The Best Gift You Could Ever Give Yourself"

By: David Randle
First of all, we need to explode the biggest myth out there regarding singing, and that is that singers are born and not made. While it is true that there are a variety of physiological gifts that may give one person an advantage singing over another, never underestimate the importance of hard work and training. You would be surprised to learn how many of your favorite professional vocalists have had substantial lessons, coaching, and training. If you will allow a sports analogy, every athlete is born with varying degrees of talent in their chosen area. Yet, it’s not always the most naturally gifted athlete who has the most success. At the professional, Olympic, collegiate, or other serious levels of competition, everyone has at least one coach, and often several. Yes, Michael Jordan had a coach, and every other major star you can name did as well.

If you watch shows like Dancing With The Stars, there is an amazing transformation that takes place from the beginning of the series where virtually no one has highly developed skills, until the end where, after weeks of diligent training under the tutelage of expert teachers and choreographers, a polished dancer emerges.

The same thing is available to those looking to become singers at any level. Whether you want to just be a better shower singer, rock your friends on Karaoke night, or break into the business as a professional singer, there are definite steps to take and the first one is to take singing lessons, voice lessons, vocal lessons, or whatever you choose to call them.

You see, when you sing, you are the instrument. Things like posture, breathing, tongue location, tone placement, thinning or thickening of the vocal chords, all involve a degree of muscle control. It is almost impossible to believe that an individual could have mastery of all the elements of vocal performance without coaching, training, or lessons. Even if a singer is amazingly naturally talented, they can become so much better with instruction. In addition, a great teacher can assist the student in developing an understanding of how to create good tone and substantial volume without pushing, which will preserve the health of the voice and help the student avoid developing nodules or “nodes” on their vocal chords.

If you want to really present yourself in the best light, making a great sound is not enough. Singers are entertainers! At least that’s what the public is expecting. So being a great sounding singer who stands on the stage like a lump, not engaging the audience with their eyes, not knowing what to do with their hands, not really knowing how to interpret the words they are singing, and not “owning” their position on the stage like they belong there and using their whole being to help interpret the song, will not cut it.

The very best voice teachers know how to help you relax with your vocal tone creation, technically making the best possible sound, understanding the range of your voice and where its sweet spots are and improving its weak spots, finding the music that is the best for your voice to sing, telling the story in the lyrics with the greatest of interpretations, and especially how to use your whole being to share the song and all the magic that sharing entails.

Hopefully the question of whether or not to take voice lessons has been answered.

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